“It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.” – D.J

Let’s start off with the basics. My name is Caitlin “Caitie” Josephine Vanzile. (nee: Fish) I was born to David & Ann Fish on November 15th, 1989 at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia. A few years later, my father left the Navy, and we moved to Rochester, NY where my parents are originally from.

Although my parents made sacrifices for my sister Shannon, my brother Alexander and myself, and sometimes we went without; growing up was… easy. We celebrated holidays like any other family, yet, Halloween was always just special, for all of us. My mom had those vintage 80’s Halloween paper cutouts of witches, ghosts and a black cat. We would go pick out the biggest, most oval pumpkins (because they carve the best pictures) and we would get home and dig in. Dad would then spend hours carving intricate pictures of the ones we picked out of the magazine on all our pumpkins. The best part of the Halloween is that it’s a season. The smells of hay, pumpkins, cinnamon and fall foliage is the best part. Eventually, my mom introduced us to horror movies. (Even though I remember watching Tales of the Crypt episodes when I was real little.)

I became boarder line obsessed with horror movies for a little while. My best friend and I would spend every weekend (especially during the summer!) camped in front of the living room television with an endless supply of candy and usually a movie from either the Friday the 13th or Halloween franchises.

Throughout my life, my father would occasionally watch earlier episodes of t.v shows like ‘Forensic Files’ and documentaries analyzing the death of people like John F. Kennedy. I always found myself wrapped up in a blanket, eyes glued to the screen. Cases like The Manson family, OJ, the Zodiac killer, Ted Bundy, and the Menendez brothers have always stayed with and fascinated me.

I’ve always loved to write. I remember I was in the 6th grade, and my guidance counselor gave me a blank blue book and told me to just write whatever. I eventually crafted a story about two people falling in love (I am a hopeless romantic) while trying to outsmart a psychotic killer. I cut out random models from magazines and glued them to the back of the book so my peers who read the book would have an idea of who I was talking about. (I hadn’t yet understood that I need to be descriptive when I write.) To this day, I’m still crafting and creating the same plot, just much more advanced and I still dream of being a fictional writer.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m sometimes attracted to the darker side of life, especially when it comes to entertainment, whether it’s a t.v show, a movie, or even podcasts. And because I loved to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingertips to keyboard, I figured that writing about the two would give me something to do. I am after all, a stay-at-home full time mom (which I LOVE) but not gonna lie, boredom sets in, often.

I don’t plan to have a rhyme when it comes to posting. I plan to investigate as much I can about each case I write about. The more the familiar the case, the more I have to go off of. The fact is that the more exposure a case gets, the better odds it will get solved. I just want to create content that I’m obsessed about.

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